The enduring commitment our company has made to maintain a safe and accident-free work environment has resulted in an enviable safety record. All of the members of today's JJK share the collective vision that our work be free of accidents, injury to workers and damage to property. It is for this reason that JJK maintains the Safety First program, a comprehensive written safety program that addresses the participation guidelines of our employees, the commitment, expectations, accountabilities, and responsibilities of our managers and supervisors, and the resources for meeting safety requirements.

Included as part of this program is a Drug and Alcohol Policy that requires preplacement testing, random testing and testing for cause. Also included in the Safety First program are regularly scheduled job-site safety meetings, and the retention of outside safety consultants to ensure that safety awareness remains our number one priority.


JJK is capable of performing work throughout the United States, either with its own labor forces, or the forces of approved service network providers. JJK and/or its service network providers are presently performing work nationally. JJK is licensed and/or registered in accordance with applicable laws in the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. JJK requires that all of its service network providers be licensed and/or registered in the states in which they perform work.


Through its achievements and proven performance records, JJK has earned the respect and support of the financial and insurance communities. JJK is able to perform bonded work nationally and is capable of providing payment and performance bonds as well as bid bonds.

JJK carries Worker's Compensation insurance, Commercial General Liability insurance, and Business Auto Liability insurance and requires proof of the same from all of our Service Network Providers.

Further information regarding our bonding procedures or the provision of proof of insurance certificates is available upon request.

October 4, 2019
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